KSNA - Eastern KY Flood Relief - Let's Help!

 Please consider donating to the KSNA Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief before September 9, 2022, with all proceeds going directly to our affected School Food Service Family. 

If your family was affected, or you know of a School Food Service family directly impacted by the flooding, please use the "Contact Us" button on this page, which will send us an email. We are here to help.

As the death toll rises and families begin to pick up the pieces following the devastating flash flooding that wiped out towns and infrastructure, the unthinkable reality is setting in for many.

Unfortunately, Kentuckians are not strangers to Natural Disasters, with the December Tornadoes fresh in all of our minds. But what Mother Nature does not know is we are Kentucky Strong! We are KSNA STRONG!

After the December Tornadoes, one obvious thing, KSNA is a family, and we all came together in a time of need. So many jumped in and worked swiftly, providing meals and supplies and joining efforts to raise over $10,000 that went to several School Food Service families affected by the storms.

We must unite again to help our members who have suffered significant losses. The heartache of the loss of life is unimaginable as the rain waters turned into raging rivers, taking everything in its path. Towns can be rebuilt, and bridges can be restructured, but the human spirit needs kindness and generosity to begin to heal.

KSNA greatly appreciates your generosity for the families in Eastern Kentucky!



KSNA Members Affected by the Tornadoes

On December 10, severe thunderstorms and tornadoes moved through Kentucky, leaving many families displaced and without power and essentials. Because of your generous donations, $8,390 was raised. These proceeds benefited six KSNA families that were affected. 


If you or someone you know was impacted reach out to disasterassistance.gov to get long term assistance.

The state is offering parks for families to stay in, click here for more information. 


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One in five, or 15 million, children in America live in households without consistent access to adequate food availability.  School meals provide a critical safety net for children who face this challenge.  Scientific research links school meals and healthy diets to academic success which had led to the expansion of breakfast programs, summer feeding programs, and after-school meal programs.